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Password Shortcut Bookmarklet Generator

Okay, so you've got a good strong password for some page. But, it drives you batty trying to type that strong password on your iPhone every time you need it. You want a shortcut. Here's a tool that helps you create a bookmarklet that will use what you have typed into a field to decrypt your real password and slam that into the field.

This uses nklein's Javascript implementation of the Blowfish encryption algorithm.


Occasionally, we run across computer issues that are hard to pinpoint. Often, a Google search on an appropriate error message will find others with the same trouble. In many cases, however, the search does not reveal a satisfactory solution.

Instead of just fixing our problems and being done with it, we are resolving now to record the solutions to those problems on the web so that others can find them.

Here is our solutions to nasty problems page.

nklein's Idea Overflow LiveJournal

Having only finitely many resources, there are things that we at nklein would like to work on, but will never really get to doing.

Rather than horde these ideas, we're going to use LiveJournal to give them away.

Feel free to run with any idea listed there. Any idea posted there. will be duly cited with known references. But, there may be prior art in those areas which is unknown to nklein.

If the ideas there aren't already patented, you're free to do what you will with them so long as it doesn't keep anyone else from doing what they will with the ideas. Got it? You can keep your source code locked up in any way you see fit. But, you can't keep someone else from using the idea, too.


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