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We made all images (except for the xhtml, css, and paypal icons at the bottom), text, software, and other stuff on this web site. We authorize you to do anything you like with these so long as you do not restrict the rights of others to do what they like with them. We're not saying you have to give away your products. We're just saying that all of the items on this site have a Universal, Non-Exclusive License.

For example, if you wanted to take some of these images or some of this software and plaster your name on them and sell them, fine. But, you cannot keep Sally Q. Public from taking those same items and plastering her name on them and selling them. You just can't. It's all as hers as it is yours.

All of that said, it'd please us plenty if you slung appreciation, accolades, credit, and/or cash our way as you see fit.

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