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Password Shortcut Bookmarklet Generator

That's a complicated title. But, it's really not that bad once you break it down.

Password Shortcut
Okay, so you've got a good strong password for some page. But, it drives you batty trying to type that strong password on your iPhone every time you need it. You want a shortcut.
Ideally, this shortcut wouldn't require you to load a whole new page. Instead, it will just require you to execute some Javascript to fill in the form for you.
But, you don't want that Bookmarklet to contain your unencrypted password for all of the world to see. And, you don't want to have to create the needed Javascript to decrypt your password and slam it into the appropriate field of the form. So, you need something to generate all of this code for you.


There are three fields below. In the Field box, type the name of the field that you'd like to slam your password into. In the Shortcut field, put the shorter password that you'd like to enter into the field instead. In the Password field, put in the password you'd like to have slammed in place of your shortcut when you execute the bookmarklet.

After you've entered the field name, a shortcut, and a password, hit the Add Field button. This will append stuff to the bookmarklet that will read the shortcut from the given field, use the shortcut to decrypt your real password, and place the real password in the field. You can add more than one field.


List of fields in the bookmarklet

The bookmarklet

Bookmark This!

Obvious Disclaimer

In using this, you are presumably replacing a good password with a bad password. The only thing going here is that someone needs to peek at you bookmarklet to get the chance to break your bad password to recover your good one. You're on your own to decide whether this is acceptable to you. Leave me out of it.

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