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I provide a range of software consulting services. What follows is a summary of my particular areas of expertise. This is not an exhaustive list, and I am willing to entertain any proposal for software services.


I have given many lectures to small groups. I particularly enjoy lecturing on Unix tools. Every programmer can benefit from a good working knowledge of tools like dd, tr, sed, make, ldd. And, every programmer can benefit from a good knowledge of how his or her compiler does what it does.

I will happily tailor my lectures to your particular group. Let me know how I can help your team.


I have been involved in many large software projects. In all of those projects, I have come up to speed quickly on vast bodies of code that I did not write or design. My ability to work across the breadth of a code base as well as through its depths affords me a unique position from which to debug.

I specialize in "down-to-the-wire" situations. If you need to get those last few bugs out now or you have spent too much time staring at the same problem, I can help.

Designs and APIs

As mentioned above, I am able to work across the whole body of code as well as in the individual parts. That ability provides me a perfect vantage point for reviewing designs and APIs. I will provide constructive feedback on all aspects of your APIs from completeness to clarity to parallelism to extensibility.

I am also willing to do the groundwork on designs and APIs. If you've got an army of coders but need a solid goal for them to be working toward, I'll prepare the initial design and initial design documentation.

Web Sites

I have a fair bit of experience with PHP and MySQL. I specialize in minimalist web sites where the emphasis is on content and ease-of-navigation rather than whizzy sound effects and snappy animations.

In addition to all of the design and implementation for this site, I have also been the sole designer and implementor of the following sites:

Just Change Consulting banner

DVD Tracks banner (no longer in use)

Patrick's Home Page

I also did all of the implementation (though not the design) for this site:

Minnesota Writes

For further detail on my relevant experiences, see my full resume.

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