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Clifford Rotations of 3D and 4D objects

A Clifford Rotation is a four-dimensional rotation which is composed of two simultaneous, independent plane rotations. In this applet, you can effect any four-dimensional rotation. The initial setting though is for a Clifford Rotation with the one rotation parallel to the XY plane and the other rotation parallel to the ZW plane. You can use the input boxes at the bottom of the applet to control the speeds of the rotations. For further information on Clifford rotations, see 4D Visualization: Rotations(1) at eusebeia.dyndns.org.

The information is presented as stereo pairs. The top two images show the object projected into XYZ space and then displayed. The bottom two images show the object projected into the XYW space and then displayed. You can drag your mouse in these views to get a different angle on the space.

By default, the stereo pairs are in parallel viewing mode (where you would focus at a point behind the screen). You can use the Stereo Mode menu to switch to cross-eyed viewing (where you would focus at a point between you and the screen).

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