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Javascript Blowfish Implementation

An implementation of Blowfish in Javascript.

Clifford Rotations

A small applet to demonstrate Clifford rotations of wireframe objects.

Kaleidochron: Space-Time Kaleidoscope

Consider an image sequence as a rectangular prism. View it through a four-dimensional kaleidoscope and you will have complex reflections in space-time. Here is the Kaleidochron.


54321 is five games in four-, three-, and two-dimensions for one player.

C++ Template Classes for Geometric Algebras

The Geometric or Clifford algebras have a variety of applications in physics and computer vision and other places. Here are C++ template classes which implement Geometric Algebras.

N-Dimensional Raytracer

Nearly every raytracer in the world is tied to three dimensions. We know of one that is tied to four dimensions. We suspect there may be some tied to two dimensions. But, this raytracer, true to our mission, allows any number of dimensions.

Distributed Array of Radio Telescopes

A paper and a simulator for a distributed array of radio telescopes.

Toolkit for Generating Random Music

Some little utilities for generating random music..

Four-Dimensional Hidden Surface Removal

This is the start of a Java applet which displays line-drawings of four-dimensional cubes and simplexes with the hidden facets removed.

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