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nklein software is a subset of Patrick Fleckenstein. In all pages herein, we shall use the royal "we". Yes, we realize that using "we" when we mean "I" is a cheesy gimmick that gives the impression that we are a sizeable organization with a significant budget. Lacking any huge PR apparatus, we'll take what we can get.

We chose the name nklein for many reasons. Foremost, our mission is to produce software that is not restricted to a single number of dimensions or to a single mode of use. Our n is to declare "n-dimensional", and our klein is in reference to "Klein bottles".

A Klein bottle is a non-orientable, topological surface that cannot be embedded in three-dimensional space. We hope that our software will not be easily embedded in the traditional three-dimensional mindset. We aspire to stretch the user's mental capacity.

We are also delighted with the half-pun between n and "any", the half-pun between nklein and "incline", and the association with the German "ein".

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