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Toolkit for Generating Random Music

After watching a cool video demonstrating Scribble, We finally got around to hacking on some stuff we've had in our mind for a long time. We had seen many ``visualization'' plugins for mp3 players. We thought, those visualizations could probably also be easily generated with cellular automota or other things. So, if we could invert the ``visualization'' process, we should be able to generate music on-the-fly.

Feedback of any sort is welcome to rmusic@nklein.com


This is a small bug-fix from the ++v1.0.2001.07.23 version. I had some bad pointer math. And, OS X now has rand48.


Here is a version of swarm that uses libSDL to play sound in real-time. Currently, it has only been ported to Mac OS X, but porting it to other SDL systems should be incredibly easy.


To this end, we threw together a few tools with which to experiment. These are very basic tools that can be strung together into some nifty ambient music. That music will soon be available at http://www.mp3.com/nklein.

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